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Omotenashi is a game on cultivating an unforgettable experience for visiting animal guests by going above and beyond the customer's expecations.

In Japanese, Omotenashi (おもてなし) is a word that embodies the act of going above and beyond top class hospitality by anticipating customers’ desires through deliberate observation and attentiveness. In this game, you will play as a band of animals who have come together to delight their guests and welcome those looking for an escape, relaxation or even a luxurious getaway.

Through different prompts, you will jot down details of your lodging and its animal staff while exploring interactions with the various guests that visit. Depending on the guest, you may freely assign your staff to different positions to best suit your guests' needs. 

What you need to play

  • Pencil and paper (digital or analog)
  • A deck of cards (excluding jokers)

This game was created as part of the Tiny Tome game jam and is a part of the Tiny Tome Kickstarter project.

Check out a review of the game here!


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Omotenashi_v1.1 (color).pdf 2 MB
Omotenashi_v1.0 (simple layout).pdf 485 kB

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Hello, I'm in the French gaming community and we love minimalist and cozy games like this one! Would you be open to French translation of this game and maybe of some of your others? I'm fine with them being hosted on your page and I'm not looking for any revenues, just helping these games reach a bigger audience!


Hi there, thanks for reaching out! Absolutely, please contact me over on onemorepotatochip@gmail.com, let me know who to credit and I’ll upload then on the page :)

Thanks, I wrote to you!


Played it for like an hour yesterday and it was super fun! I added some of my own rules to spice things up, but the main game is really good already! From the overworked boar to the spoiled ox, the characters really got a personality after playing for a bit! Well done. We need more wholesome and warming solo rpgs.

Thank you for playing and sharing your thoughts!


I love this game!  Once I had my staff set up, I ended up getting pretty attached to them, and it made for an easy episodic nature of play for me.  I can see it being played with more of a focus on the guests but as I ended up focusing on how the travelers affected the staff, it was like watching a flowing river shape stationary rocks... very therapeutic and cozy for me.  Highly recommended!

(I also was inspired to draw my characters.  Much thanks to the creator of this game for the experience ^-^)


Glad you had fun and thank for you sharing the wonderful drawing!


This game puts a fresh spin on playing with fantasies about care and service-as-artistry. The "farewell" phase of play is a thoughtful push to explore how hospitality changes providers as well as recipients. 

Great for a hanafuda fusion deck, as the cards are used to determine seasons (among other things that pull on the European card values). I can't wait to play again!


Thank you for the insightful review!


Awesome game!  I played with my kid and wrote a review on my blog - you did a great job with this, and we had a lot of fun telling a story together from what you've made.



Thank you for the kind words, glad you and your kid had a great time :)


Thanks! the colour version is great.